Hugging Tree Winery Telltale

Hugging Tree Winery Telltale

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To tell the tale of one's terroir is a wine maker who is interested in his craft's passion. To have the grapes grown here in the spectacular Similkameen Valley and to use them as my canvas to work with is a blessing beyond measure. Letting the expression of the grapes speak for themselves is both a balancing of every detail at every step, and having the knowledge and patience not to interfere when not necessary. This dynamic wine is my personal favorite with dark stone fruits and tobacco on the bouquet. The palate delights with earthy notes, cherries, and firm tannins. This will cellar well for a couple of years. If you don't have that patience, let it breathe, and it will sing and express beautifully what our terroir has to offer when given the opportunity.

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