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Red Pilsner:

One of the three beers in the Steel & Oak initial release lineup is their Red Pilsner. From the bomber bottle this New Westminster brewed beer pours as a rich amber colour topped with nearly three fingers of loose, lacing head. The Red Pilsner smells of rich malt, caramel spice and a light, German style hop. The aroma is that of a Pilsner, plus a little more. The flavour is light on the tongue and malt forward. A mild spice and caramel like sweetness adds to the body before a subtle hop bitterness comes near the finish. The Steel & Oak Red Pilsner has the characteristics of a traditional pilsner with a bit extra to separate it from the likes of the competition and offer something unique to British Columbia craft beer fans.

Dark Lager:

Chocolate pushes this towards a Munich dunkel, but it's hopped heavier than that. Smooth and easy; not especially melanoidin, but no flaws, either. S&O are ones to keep an eye on. 4.25

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